A Taste of Temptation

Layovers #3

Saskia Laine
Contemporary Romance
When Élodie Martel’s motorbike leaves her stranded on the side of a Tuscan backroad—on the way to her only remaining relative’s funeral, no less—the last thing she’s looking for is a hookup. But how can she resist sexy farmhand Vico Fierli when he offers her a ride? And the best gnocchi she’s ever tasted. And comfort—sweet, tempting comfort—in trying times.

But life gets complicated when it turns out Vico is intimately tied to an old Martel family scandal. Though El finds herself more and more attracted to Vico’s hidden charms, the drama threatens to tear them apart. But could a con man’s attempts to steal El’s inheritance be just the thing to bring them back together?
A Taste of Temptation cover
Cover Design by Katrina Archer
"There’s intrigue that fuels the plot and kept me turning pages ..."
—Book-Bosomed Book Blog


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Saskia Laine

Saskia Laine

Saskia Laine hides out on a not-so-remote island in Canada, hoarding chocolate, alter egos, and sexy story ideas.

She is the author of the Layovers series of steamy contemporary romance short reads.
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