The Tree of Souls

A murky past. A forbidden love. A deathly power.
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When the river spits Umbra onto its bank, naked and shivering, the only clue to her identity is the arcane brand seared into her skin. A brand hunted by both a murderous necromancer and a handsome stranger. A brand that thrusts Umbra into a simmering conflict between the ascendant Clans and the nomadic Gherza. A brand that may make her the key to averting all-out war.

The Tree of Souls weaves an intimate tale of dark sorcery, doomed love, and implacable revenge, amid an age-old clash of nations, with all the souls of the living hanging in the balance.

About the Author

Katrina Archer lives and writes on her sailboat in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Editorial Reviews

“… cleverly interwoven … excellently done … A well-told and interesting story with some nice plot twists and characters. Worth a read.” —