Little Blue Marble 2020

Greener Futures

Katrina Archer (Editor)
Climate Fiction, Anthologies
An anthology of speculative climate fiction and poetry by authors from around the world.
Fishing for ghosts. Saving the Agassiz Icefield.
A new North strong and sustainable. Robot mermaids with lasers.
Teenage solar rogues. Activist archivists.
The Queen of the May and the protean Lord of the Sea, struggling to cope with changes large and small.
A future West both weird and wild.

These greener futures hold all this and more.
Cover Design by Katrina Archer
All proceeds from the Little Blue Marble anthologies fund the publication of the magazine, keeping it free to read.



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Katrina Archer

Katrina Archer is the author of dark fantasy The Tree of Souls and YA fantasy Untalented, a Library Journal Indie Ebook Award Honorable Mention. A former software engineer, she lives on her sailboat in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Katrina has worked in aerospace, video games, and film, and is a freelance copy editor and publisher of climate change site Little Blue Marble. She can operate almost any vehicle that can’t fly, doesn’t believe in life without books or chocolate, and was once owned by a cat more famous in Germany than she is.
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