Sweet Deceit

Layovers #2

Saskia Laine
Contemporary Romance
Even the best-laid plans can’t survive first contact with Mom …
Nadia Fisker thought tonight would be just like all the other nights of her Paris internship: food, wine, friends, and absolutely no hooking up. But when Nadia’s judgmental mother unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep demanding to meet the new boyfriend, Nadia can’t admit he doesn’t exist.

That has to be why she ignored her no-men policy and said nothing when sexy Frenchman Luc stepped in to save her from her lie.

It has to be, right?
Sweet Deceit by Saskia Laine cover
Cover Design by Katrina Archer
"... if you’re looking for a well written short, safe, and sexy interlude to read in one sitting, this is one to check out."
—Book-Bosomed Book Blog


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Saskia Laine

Saskia Laine

Saskia Laine hides out on a not-so-remote island in Canada, hoarding chocolate, alter egos, and sexy story ideas.

She is the author of the Layovers series of steamy contemporary romance short reads.
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